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1CBD Hemp CBD Oil infused Skin Balm 300mg 50g

£30.00 inc VAT
1CBD Full Spectrum Extract Phytocannabinoid Rich Pure Hemp CBD Oil infused skin balm is made using only organic ingredients. –

Canniant 330mg CBD Intimate Lubricant 15ml

£33.90 inc VAT
Canniant Pleasure CBD Lubricant is the ultimate way to enhance your intimate pleasure. Our long-lasting formula helps to stimulate blood

CBD Asylum 200mg CBD 100ml Moisturising Cream

£15.80 inc VAT
Introducing the CBD Asylum Moisturising Cream CBD Moisturising Cream has been carefully designed for direct application to the face.  CBD

CBD ECO Lip Balm 25mg

£5.90 inc VAT
Soothing lip balm made from a blend of natural healing oils infused with CBD. Infused with whole-plant extract CBD, this lip

CBD ECO Multivitamn CBD Tincture 500mg 30ml

£33.90 inc VAT
Vitamin enriched, broad-spectrum CBD Oil made from natural hemp extract. Each drop contains your daily dosage of CBD, CBD-A, CBG, CBC

Ekow CBD Patches 80MG 10PCS

£8.50 inc VAT
Ekow CBD Patches 80MG  10PCS 8mg CBD Isolate CBD Relief Patches  Directions: Place one patch on a relatively hair free

Ekow Natural CBD Muscle Balm 50MG 15G

£8.00 inc VAT
Ekow CBD Muscle Balm Rub 50mg CBD strength 15g pot Relieves muscular aches and pains Apply to affected areas in moderation

Element Vert CBD Anti-Aging Cream with Apple Stem Cells 30ml

£55.50 inc VAT
– Contains 20mg of CBD  – This cream by Element Vert is packed with Apple Stem Cells, promoting both vitality &

Element Vert CBD Facial Cleanser 118ml

£33.50 inc VAT
– Contains 20mg of CBD  – Element Vert’s nourishing CBD skin care facial cleanser penetrates deep into the face’s natural oily

Element Vert CBD Skin Care Face Toner 118ml

£33.50 inc VAT
– Contains 20mg of CBD  – Element Vert’s gorgeous facial toner is a hydrating blend of natural extracts and pure CBD

Element Vert CBD Tattoo Aftercare Cream 30ml

£33.50 inc VAT
– Contains 20mg of CBD  – Element Vert’s exceptionally soothing CBD tattoo aftercare cream helps alleviate the worst of the symptoms

Element Vert Collagen Retinol & CBD Revive Cream 15ml

£55.50 inc VAT
CBD AM/PM Moisturiser Cream – Contains 20mg of CBD  This incredible, dual-action formula is proven to fight wrinkles, and prevent skin

Equilibrium CBD Deep Nourishing Skin Cream 400mg 100ml

£63.90 inc VAT
Equilibrium CBD Deep Nourishing & Everyday Skin Cream 400mg. This all natural topical skin cream contains 400mg CBD which is

Equilibrium CBD Everyday Skin Cream 100mg 100ml

£49.90 inc VAT
This all natural topical skin cream contains 100mg CBD which is a whole plant full spectrum extract derived from organically

Equilibrium CBD Roll-On Full Spectrum 200mg 10ml

£33.90 inc VAT
Equilibrium CBD Skin Care Roll On 200mg This all natural topical multi-usage skin care roll on contains 200mg CBD which

Equilibrium CBD Sports Recovery Balm 400mg 60ml

£49.90 inc VAT
Equilibrium CBD Balm 400mg (sports recovery & everyday muscle & joint balm). This all natural topical balm contains 400mg CBD

Favor CBD Sandalwood Hemp Lotion 500mg CBD 120ml

£47.00 inc VAT
A rich tone and relaxing scent. Warm the skin before application for a fuller experience. – 500mg CBD – 120ml

Favor CBD Flavoured Lip Balm 55mg CBD

£8.50 inc VAT
– Broad Spectrum Cannabinoid Infused Lip Balm  – Sourced from California – 55mg Hemp CBD Contains 0% THC Ingredients: CBD rich

Favor CBD Lavender Hemp Lotion 500mg CBD 120ml

£47.00 inc VAT
A timeless lavender scent with a relaxing tone. Warm the skin before application for a fuller experience – 500mg CBD

Favor CBD Menthol Hemp Lotion 500mg CBD 120ml

£47.00 inc VAT
This menthol body lotion opens the pores to allow the CBD to nourish the skin and sink into the body